God Bless America

by flammeusgladius

God Bless America



(Trump Version)



God bless America,
Land Trump makes great!
Stand beside her
And guide her
And ignore all the losers who hate!

From the mountains
To the valleys
To the Trump Towers
Standing tall,
God bless America!
Trump’s got it all!
God bless America!
Trump’s got it all!



–Tom Riley






In general, this version of the popular patriotic anthem is intended to irritate those affected by Trump Derangement Syndrome, not to express my sincerely-held beliefs. I’m much more circumspect about Mr. Trump than you may imagine. But I do admire his many supervillain qualities and am stunned by his smoking-hot wife. Ouch! Plus, I held my nose a lot harder for McCain, that wretched, conniving, malicious little warmonger, than I ever could have for Trump.

Line 5: They hate because they are losers.

Line 8: Song was composed while I was staying in the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas. I was sure glad I wasn’t staying in the Hillary International Hotel, the Bernie International Hotel, or the Marco Rubio International Hotel. (Doorways in that one would have been too low even for me.)

Line 10: Please note careful ambiguity. What is it that Trump has? America? All the qualities he needs to succeed? Whatever it is, it’ll make defeated leftist and establishment types really angry – which is, of course, my purpose.