Superbowl Hacked

by flammeusgladius

Superbowl Hacked



The day the Russians hacked the Superbowl
Was a dark day for our democracy.
Putin, no doubt, was cackling fiendishly
As so-called “Patriots” scored goal on goal.
It wasn’t just a football game he stole.
He stole the way America should be.
He stole our all-inclusive unity.
Soulless himself, he stole our very soul.
“Comeback,” indeed. The evil Russian plan
Was carried out like clockwork – and the clock
Was Brady. He’s a robot, not a man!
He wins, perhaps, but he can never rock
The way that, oh, Barack Obama can!
There’s nothing more to say. We’re still in shock.



–Tom Riley



(Tom Brady leads incredible Superbowl comeback.)