Dutch Babies

by flammeusgladius

Dutch Babies



Steve King just spat on someone else’s babies.
(The congressfellow, not the horror guy.)
He is a heretic. No room for maybes.
Mark Shea has ruled – which ought to satisfy
The skeptical. All borders are a lie.
The Netherlands and these United States
Must hear the alien’s Islamic cry
And let his babies in. Embrace your fates,
O Christian cultures! At increasing rates,
Those babies, bound to grow, must be admitted.
Your subjugation certainly awaits.
For burkas must your daughters now be fitted.
Mark Shea says: “Don’t you spit on babies, fools!”
But, if those babes look edible, he drools.



–Tom Riley

(Planned Parenthood ally Mark Shea decries “heresy….”)