Pederasty Begins at Snoop Dogg’s Home

by flammeusgladius

Pederasty Begins at Snoop Dogg’s Home



Bow Wow objects to Trump’s damn self-defense.
Punk says he’s going to pimp Melania out.
The little puppy needs to bark – or shout.
The vacuum in his manhood is immense.
Also, he doesn’t have a lot of sense.
Deep in his doggy heart, there’s only doubt.
He’s more a little sissy than a lout.
He always just bends over for events.
Feel sorry for him, sure – but ask as well:
“How did the bitchy pathic get this way?”
A manly heart, perhaps, can speak from Hell—
But this one of his weakness makes display.
It’s not a puzzlement – for you can tell
He sucks his uncle off most every day.



–Tom Riley



(Shad Moss defends adopted uncle.)