Brainy Reflections of a Brainy Ape

by flammeusgladius

Brainy Reflections of a Brainy Ape



“And by the way, you’re still an ape, just a very special one.”


–Alice Roberts, The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being.



I’m an ape still – but, oh, a special ape!
My brainy brain is brainier than those
Even of chimpanzees. I break the tape
In the brain race. I don’t win by a nose.
Every behavior that from my brain grows
Is a tree that a gibbon cannot scale.
Though the gorilla strike a manly pose,
As quasi-human being he’s sure to fail.
Yes, I adore my brain – and tell its tale
In brainy terms to other apes like me.
Long-armed orangutans cannot prevail
Against my intellectuality.
Next to my wits, the bonobo’s are slow.
He’s really good at doing pull-ups, though.



–Tom Riley