by flammeusgladius




“There’s so much unlikeliness in you being here, right now, reading this.”



–Alice Roberts, The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being.



Unlikeliness, dear people, is the key—
As Doc Manhattan told Silk Spectre. Hail,
Unlikeliness – which culminates in me!
It is unlikely, finally, to fail.
We’ve let our sense of wonder, folks, go stale:
We don’t appreciate how cool we are.
Wishing on me, though faint supporters bail,
Is wishing on a bright, unlikely star.
I blink a lot – and yet I still see far.
I cough a lot – and yet retain an air
Of crazy luck. With deadly odds I spar:
Ha! I’ve already bested them! So there.
Improbably, I’m here to sing the praises
Of my unlikelihood – which still amazes.



–Tom Riley