A los Vencedores de la Batalla de Puebla

by flammeusgladius

A los Vencedores de la Batalla de Puebla



(5 May 1862)



The greatest army in the world was there
To stomp you campesinos to the ground.
How did you even dare to stay around
In your own tortured land? How did you dare
To face that Emperor, whose very stare
Was lightning, and whose grumble was the sound
Of earthquakes? Contradictions here abound.
Yet you defeated Europe — and despair.
Your victory was less, the critics say,
Than final. Oh, the mouths of discontent
Who never knew the trials of the day,
The triumphs of the evening! Oh, event
Marking a line that wouldn’t go away:
The last invasion of our continent!



–Tomás Miguel Riley von Stoll