Dona Meliora

by flammeusgladius

Dona Meliora



(for Maria Martin)



“¿Habrá sentido que no estaba solo
y que el arcano, el increíble Apolo
le había revelado un arquetipo?”






I should, of course, have sent you better wine
From the land of your childhood, which you know
To rule in Cabernet if not Merlot.
If Bacchus is a god, then it’s divine
Here where I once compelled you to decline
Latin nouns. Bacchus is a god, although
I’ve often had too much to tell him so.
I’ll let him make the Maenads dance in line.
I should, perhaps, have sent you once again
A dagger with a handle emerald green.
Minerva would have loved your chances then.
Mars would have hailed you where the bold convene.
Instead you get this sonnet. Tell me when
The disappointment verges on obscene.



Happy Birthday!




23 May 2017