Ben Jacobs: The Next Chapter

by flammeusgladius

Ben Jacobs: The Next Chapter



O bold Ben Jacobs, step right over here!
I know a guy you really ought to meet.
If you don’t venture from your current sphere,
Why, then, I say your life is incomplete.
The sympathy you’ve won, no doubt, is sweet.
E-cards, I’m sure, keep right on pouring in.
You read support in tweet on tearful tweet.
You’re wasted on good wishes now, not gin.
But let a chapter fresh and new begin!
Prepare your probing questions and your smirk!
Prepare your editing! Prepare your spin!
You have a vast ability to irk!
The apple’s falling now — and you are Newton.
Yes, step right over here. Meet Comrade Putin!



–Tom Riley