Desperate Straits for the GOP

by flammeusgladius

Desperate Straits for the GOP



Gianforte won — a narrow, narrow win:
Just about 51 to 43.
Against the media he dared to sin–
So it is real bad news, his victory.
It’s bad news chiefly for the GOP.
The Dems, in contrast, celebrate their loss.
This guy’s a fucking liability!
He’s rolling wildly, gathering no moss!
Well, if I mix my metaphors, the boss
Won’t mind at all: I’m on the proper page.
I’m cooking with a special slanted sauce.
With losers and with journalists, I rage.
What are right-wingers basking in the sun for?
If they win one more time, they’re surely done for.



–Tom Riley



(Gianforte victory reported as bad news for GOP.)