A New Frontier

by flammeusgladius

A New Frontier


Why can’t The New York Post be more progressive,
Embracing sexual minorities?
Reporters there, displaying an excessive
Impulse to judge, and furious to please
The right wing, knock a poor kid to his knees.
Our Democratic hero, Jacob Schwartz,
Is now condemned for his proclivities–
And all his dimples are perceived as warts!
He ought to be secure from such reports.
Hey, isn’t he a friend of Robby Mook?
The urge to curse his simple tastes distorts
His character. You dare condemn, you kook?
Why, then, you stand condemned! I don’t mean maybe.
A new frontier for human rights: “Hey, baby!”


–Tom Riley


(Prominent young Dem busted for kiddie porn featuring 6-month old baby.)