Dignity Pants

by flammeusgladius

Dignity Pants


Does Jacob Schwartz, the son of Arthur Schwartz,
Like dirty pictures of the diapered crowd?
In our society, that’s not allowed.
It’s not approved among our bedroom sports.
It’s nothing that a Democrat supports–
Although, of course, a dedication proud
To all the members of the alt-sex crowd
Has long been in our platform. Eat our shorts!
This ain’t no private matter, we admit.
We’ve always said the same, though you pricks claim
That we cannot be trusted in such shit.
To undermine our party is your aim.
Well, give it up! We’re just not buying it.
Certainly, somehow, Donald Trump’s to blame.


–Tom Riley



(Prominent young Dem busted for kiddie porn featuring 6-month old baby.)