It’s a Fair Cop, but Society Is to Blame

by flammeusgladius

It’s a Fair Cop, but Society Is to Blame



Do Muslim terrorists cut priestly throats?
Oh, no!  Just ask the pope!  It is the poor
Who, lacking opportunity (he notes),
Express themselves in violence.  Their store
Of sorrow on an unfamiliar shore
Moves them to opt for anti-Christian acts.
Without good jobs, they raise our murder score.
According to the pope, those are the facts.
So when the jihad jockeys howl, relax!
It isn’t terrorism, folks – just crime.
If slaughtered priests are real soon piled in stacks,
Poverty is to blame.  Time after time,
The pope upholds this simple rule of thumb.
(Poverty also makes him really dumb.)



–Tom Riley



(First appeared in Trinacria, No. 16, Fall 2016.)