Pro-Life Leader

by flammeusgladius

Pro-Life Leader


Shea’s cheering for the death of Charlie Gard.
(Socialized medicine must be defended.)
Shea doesn’t give a shit if you’re offended
By his dismissal of a life ill-starred.
The lives he finds it easy to discard
Are lives his God has surely not intended.
To higher realms of wisdom he’s ascended
Than any you have known. Shea’s not just lard
And facial hair, though those are what you see.
He’s brainy. Oh, he really can’t begin
To vent his intellectuality!
Your low opinion of him is a sin.
Die, Charlie Gard! Some deaths are meant to be!
Hurray for socialized Shea medicine!


—Tom Riley



(Planned Parenthood ally and notorious glutton Mark Shea mocks those defending Charlie Gard.)