Long Goodbye

by flammeusgladius

The Long Goodbye


(Warning! This sonnet contains spoilers, not all of them opaque….)


Let’s skip to resolutions, Marlowe fans:
There’s no room here for all that complication.
Eileen Wade is the murderess. Her hands
Are slick with blood. This stunning revelation
Should stun a little less — for preparation
Was made, I dare to say, quite carefully.
Once she’s found out, she opts for self-negation
In death. I guess it really had to be.
Mendy Menendez comes for Marlowe. Ohls,
A tough cop, whips that hapless gangster’s ass.
Marlowe and Mrs. Loring, kindred souls,
Go to bed: though they’re sinful, they have class.
Transcendent truth undoes unhappy lies.
Terry is still alive. Hey, big suprise.


—Tom Riley