Who Is Like unto God?

by flammeusgladius

Who Is Like unto God?


His kids mistook him (Mark Shea says) for God.
That is an unbelievable mistake.
He looks a lot more like Gorilla Grodd,
Maybe a tad less hairy. As a flake,
He’s tops — and can blab on for blabbing’s sake,
It’s true, to an unparalleled degree.
At volubility he’s not a fake—
But that’s no God-like feature finally.
Still, I believe him. How could small tots see
The flaws in his impostor’s presentation?
A human soul requires maturity
To view Shea with the proper detestation.
His kids, when small, saw Shea as God. I’d say
Shea himself makes the same mistake today.


—Tom Riley