Man on a Mission

by flammeusgladius

Man on a Mission


Softhearted Colonel Carhart is distressed.
Venues for fetal slaughter are declining.
The mouth between those pendent jowls is whining
Eloquently — and it must be confessed
That wide availability is best
When human life has suffered redefining.
Anti-abortionists are undermining
The state to which we thought we had progressed!
Carhart, who wouldn’t blink a droopy eye
At severing a head, is all upset.
Are you moved by his sympathetic cry?
It ought to fill your spirit with regret.
His earnestness has never been a lie.
His righteousness is real — so don’t forget!


—Tom Riley


(Late term abortionist and Air Force veteran LeRoy Carhart gets weepy about abortion mill closures.)