Judge of All the Earth

by flammeusgladius

Judge of All the Earth


Who is the judge of Father Peter West?
That super-Christian guy, Scott Eric Alt!
Oh, what a lad! He’s Christian to a fault.
Of all our pious judges, he’s the best.
In only seven years, he has progressed
So far that he perceives insipid salt
And hastens to discard it. Father: halt!
The righteous Alt now beats his mighty chest.
He is defending really ugly chicks
From rapes that will not happen anyway.
He’s fighting Nazis. Well, if that wins clicks,
He is. Such is the purpose of his day.
But, most of all, he’s proudly saying nix
To those who dare critique his crony Shea.


–Tom Riley


(Amateur theologian issues orders to pro-life priest.)