A “Sonnet” for Easter?

by flammeusgladius

A “Sonnet” for Easter?


Insulting God with sheer incompetence,

The fraud Shea peddles yet more Easter verses.

In false rhymes his boneheadedness immerses

The reader’s ear.  Of course, he makes no sense

Babbling inanities.  In all events,

My rigor, fierce and Juvenalian, curses

His fumbling fog, which never quite disperses,

His carelessness, which never near repents.

Sad truth:  his editors are boneheads, too.

He fails in scansion and in rhyme?  So what?

He fakes Catholicism through and through.

He poses as a sage, though he’s a nut.

Ghettoized Catholics just don’t have a clue.

He drops his tent-like pants.  They kiss his butt.


–Tom Riley