Just Reward

Just Reward


To think that Cuomo prick is now in Hell

Brings something close to all-transcendent joy.

Is justice served in Dante style?  Oh, boy!

The devils prod that mouthy punk so well,

He is so chastened by fierce sulphur’s smell,

That all the lies he still dares to employ

Writhe and are silenced.  He cannot be coy.

Around him, flames that boil his marrow swell.

And you, Villano, you who smooch his ass

Even when he’s received his just reward,

You who gave vile hypocrisy a pass,

You who would not take up hard logic’s sword,

You’re more transparent than the clearest glass.

Idolatry is all you can afford.


–Tom Riley


(Steve Villano idolizes Mario Cuomo.)