Mighty Hunters before the Lord

by flammeusgladius

Mighty Hunters before the Lord

The hounds are loosed on mouthy Viganó—
Who dared reveal what wise Pope Francis hid.
Of Viganó the Church must now be rid
So prelate types can let denials flow
Anew. The nuncio sank really low.
The angels just can’t credit what he did.
Hey, can’t a hierophant abuse a kid
Without this bastard letting people know?
Pope Nicey Nice will put a stop to this
With sanctions fiercer than the fires of Hell.
He offers predators his ring to kiss.
They’ll hunt the motherfucker down by smell.
On him may zealous imps forever piss!
There are some truths that no one ought to tell.

–Tom Riley


(Vatican hunting down Viganó.)