Night of the Living Dead (A Verse Review)

by flammeusgladius

Night of the Living Dead
(A Verse Review)

What made them walk? Some kind of ray, I think.
Their feeble strength, once massed, was dangerous.
End of the world? They brought us to the brink.
I didn’t see the sequels, folks, and thus
My overview’s a little nebulous.
But horror changed in 1968.
This was about survival. Stop the bus!
I don’t look good – and am not feeling great.
That antsy bald guy: he’s the one I hate.
He simply wouldn’t see plain common sense.
Our band of hopeless heroes did deflate.
The dead waxed large amongst our discontents.
To what depths will society descend?
Poor black guy caught a bullet in the end.

–Tom Riley