Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

“Personally opposed” — so daddy claimed.
But Andrew throbs with baby-killing zeal.
With dumb-ass right-to-lifers he won’t deal.
By earnest sermons he will not be shamed.
His thirst for fetal blood will not be tamed.
Humane misgivings he will never feel.
All such considerations are unreal
To Andrew Cuomo. Let him not be blamed—
But rather credited! When Mario
Became the founder of this bloody fun,
Already it was possible to know
That things would come to this. Old laws undone
End in laws shiny new. Hey, what a show!
In Hell is daddy cheering: “Well done, son!”

–Tom Riley

Mario Cuomo, son of a humble organ grinder’s monkey, rose to prominence as founder of New York’s pro-abortion gubernatorial dynasty. He is now frying in Hell.