Hate Poem of a Hatemonger

by flammeusgladius

Hate Poem of a Hatemonger

They told me hate was bad, but, when I tried
To fudge the evil, then my heart rebelled.
I felt the conflict, and aloud I cried.
Around my indecision, voices swelled.
One said that, if at last the cat were belled,
The murder of the mice could go unmentioned.
One rose to contradict, and boldly held
That such vague smiles, however well-intentioned,
Were evil’s slaves, employed and richly-pensioned
By what had done the murders from the first.
Custom snarled at my left hand, ill-conventioned.
My sense of justice threatened it might burst.
But now my troubled soul no longer aches.
I’m smiling. I’ve erected many stakes.

–Tom Riley