Hearty Stuff

by flammeusgladius

Hearty Stuff

(for Andrew Cooper)

I heard a hearty voice proclaim
this clear and cordial tale.
It’s not too wild nor yet too tame.
Its force should never fail.

“You said that I had won your heart.
I foolishly believed.
But soon you said we had to part–
and I was sore aggrieved.

“You left me for another guy–
who had a lot of money.
No doubt you heard my psychic cry.
No doubt you found it funny.

“Tonight that guy is in the ground.
No chance his wealth increases.
No chance that he will all be found.
He’s in too many pieces.

“I hold your heart again with pride.
I think your heart is swell.
I keep it in formaldehyde.
It’s holding up real well.”

That is the tale that I heard told.
I pass it on to you.
Oh, toast it now as solid gold–
and quaff a hearty brew!

–Tom Riley