Flammeus Gladius

Carmina et Verba pro Discipulis Meis

Month: June, 2019

Sure Salvation

Sure Salvation


Hey, Rob Schenck isn’t headed for Hell!

He’s pro-choice now – but still all is well.

The divine Moloch saves.

Studied pundits grant raves—

And Rob’s new book is certain to sell!


–Tom Riley



Fake It Till You Make It

Fake It Till You Make It


Mrs. Warren, a fake Cherokee,

Is amongst ordinate company

Of the Democrat name.

She can proudly proclaim:

“All these punks are as bogus as me!”


–Tom Riley






Beto?  Cory?  They try Español.

Such attempts will of course take a toll.

Yes, the price may be high.

Still, Dems might as well try:

Votes from gringos cannot be their goal.


–Tom Riley






It’s my nature that I am displaying

With my stomping and kicking and braying.

I’m unguarded today.

What I just shouldn’t say

Is the one thing I have to keep saying.


–Tom Riley

Rocky Road

Rocky Road


Did cyclopean vistas give shocks?

Was I moved by those huge granite blocks?

So you asked, earnest guide.

And I swiftly replied

With these four brief words:  “You and your rocks!”


–Tom Riley

For Vlad’s Sake

For Vlad’s Sake


There’s a place here for you, for Vlad’s sake.

And to grant you your place we all ache.

Let it now be confessed:

We present you our best!

So get up on that well-deserved stake!


–Tom Riley

Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane


He raped her.  Donald Trump did.  In the past.

And other famous people raped her, too.

But mostly Donald Trump.  Now – now at last—

She tells her frightful tale, and tells it true.

If Robert Mueller’s failure was her cue,

So what?  Don’t judge her.  Hey, she writes for Elle!

You’re simply jealous none of them raped you—

Those guys, plus Donald Trump.  So go to Hell!

Men used to want her ass then.  Pricks would swell

With every indication of desire.

If pants did not come down, still she could tell.

She knew she had the stuff to light a fire.

Now she is in her desiccated phase.

Donald Trump raped her once.  Those were the days!


–Tom Riley




(Elderly Elle writer remembers what she was wearing during Trump encounter.)

Public Ministry

Public Ministry


I knew Rob Schenck in 1989.

He was then, as he is now, just a slut

For media attention.  By design,

He netted coverage.  To make the cut,

He’’d seek out cameramen and shake his butt——

A ghastly dance of public charity.

His ass has never made it from that rut.

When he gives alms, he needs the world to see.

And now he’’s preaching with sobriety

Exactly what the media elite

Want him to preach.  He hastens to agree

With every shibboleth they think is neat.

He’’ll earn the fine reward he’’s deftly planned.

Infernal anchormen will shake his hand.


–Tom Riley


(Pastor wins media attention for going from pro-life to pro-choice.)

Strategic Blunder

Strategic Blunder


I gloried in exposing hypocrites.

My rants did not receive the best reviews.

Sincere beyond all hope, I scored sharp hits.

I gloried in exposing hypocrites—

But noted editors were having fits.

Should I indeed have shouted:  “I accuse”?

I gloried in exposing hypocrites.

My rants did not receive the best reviews.


–Tom Riley

Mr. Repentance

Mr. Repentance


Of stupidity now he repents—

Or he claims to.  My doubt is immense.

His skull holds the same brain.

Stupid he will remain.

Lying will not provide greater sense.


–Tom Riley