Here’s Why

by flammeusgladius

Here’s Why


Somebody asked me why I rag on Shea.

After all, he’s an unimportant cunt,

Isn’t he?  I’m responding right up front:

Of course he is.  A leader?  Shea?  No way.

His preaching is a game he’s learned to play.

His heart is vacuous.  His wits are blunt.

His prose is backside gas, his verse a grunt.

He has no real commitments to betray.

That’s why he’s so supremely emblematic

Of his whole mouthy, self-promoting class.

A butterball with feces in the attic,

A prissy punk whose every crack proves crass,

He calls forth a reaction that’s emphatic.

It truly is a joy to kick his ass.


–Tom Riley