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Month: August, 2019

James Comey, Savior of Democracy

James Comey, Savior of Democracy


“He was saving democracy!” squeal

His defenders.  To lie, cheat, and steal

Is by them justified.

That he stole, cheated, lied—

It’s all good.  He had leftist appeal!


–Tom Riley



He May Even Enjoy It

He May Even Enjoy It


Yes, that cunt Comey just got a pass.

But for him it’s not over – alas!

Further inquiry’s pending.

In the joint he’ll be ending—

And he’ll take it (we hope) up the ass.


–Tom Riley

More Than Skin Deep

More Than Skin Deep


A thick skin?  On Shea?  How about that?

That’s the spit that our hero just spat.

Shall I grin a fierce grin?

Mr. Shea:  that ain’t skin;

It is all subcutaneous fat!


–Tom Riley


(Planned Parenthood ally and notorious glutton Mark Shea boasts of “thick skin.”)

Thick Skin

Thick Skin


Here’s the latest:  Shea claims a thick skin.

He can take it, he says.  That’s the spin.

Your critiques he’ll defy!

It’s a line he’ll still try

When his tears of self-pity begin.


–Tom Riley




(Planned Parenthood ally and lachrymose loser Mark Shea says he has a thick skin.)

Reverting to Type

Reverting to Type


In the polls she’s declining, it’s said.

Leftist voters choose others instead—

Even Biden, that dope.

But the slut still has hope.

She should just give a whole lot more head.


–Tom Riley



Racism: Yawn

Racism:  Yawn


Well, the Russia thing didn’t pan out.

Something else now to gobble about

We devoutly desire

And intently require.

Trump’s a racist, therefore.  Oh, no doubt!


–Tom Riley



De-Aging Techniques

De-Aging Techniques


For a movie on Netflix – Dear Lord!—

They’ve de-aged the DeNiro.  A horde

Of young heroes will follow.

It’s a tough change to swallow—

Since their wits, of course, can’t be restored.


–Tom Riley








It is not the divisions decried

That have left my heart dissatisfied.

On that point, why keep score?

Bring it on, the damn war!

Hey, it’s all in plain sight now.  Why hide?


–Tom Riley




Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Fall of the Rebel Angels

Sissy Chess

Sissy Chess


At Sissy Chess, it’s clear now, you excel.

The move you’ve made is worthy of a cunt.

Though virile players may not like your smell,

At Sissy Chess (it’s clear now) you excel.

You spoil the game – and spoil it really well.

Your woke pawns dance obscenely to the front.

At Sissy Chess – it’s clear now – you excel.

The move you’ve made is worthy of a cunt.


–Tom Riley




With the Devil I might compromise—

Even if deadly fire filled his eyes.

Though he be damned forever,

I say never say never.

But with you, sir?  That wouldn’t be wise.


–Tom Riley




Franz Struck, Lucifer