Immediate Apprehension

by flammeusgladius

Immediate Apprehension


She doesn’t have to reason. She just knows.
A good thing, too, since reasoning is not
Amongst her skills. At reasoning she blows.
(She practices her oral sex a lot.)
Fuck “truth” and all that patriarchal rot!
She casts a spell of seeing – and she sees.
She grasps the stuff that Sleepy Joe forgot.
You’re looking for a demonstration? Please!
Are we upset with her inanities,
Pissed at her bogus revolution show?
We’re no more pissed at that than at her sleaze.
Why aren’t we furious? What do we know
That makes it so her shit can only bore us?
She only cares about her own clitoris.


–Tom Riley



Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Bratten Weiss @Prof_RBW our fellow citizens in NY to demand @realDonaldTrump to enact orders to produce and ship these desperately needed supplies NOW. We know he only serves the CEOs, not the people. We need to be loud about this. He must do this or have thousands more deaths on his hands. Bob Hennelly @stucknation 1d NYC @FDNY EMS unions warn that lack PPE & permitting #COVID19 exposed first responders to long as they asymptomatic sets on the same course'

(Patheos slut Rebecca Bratten Weiss knows what Trump cares about.)