Sonnet Viewed as a One-Two Combination

by flammeusgladius

The Sonnet Viewed as a One-Two Combination

Some folks have told me: “Stop insulting Shea!
You’re sinking to his level when you do!”
My friends, that’s such a silly game to play!
I may kick Shea too often, it is true.
His glaring weaknesses I may pursue
Too zealously. I may take Juvenal
As model too uncritically. These few
Objections I acknowledge. But they’re small.
Next to them, it is vital to recall
Shea needs a purpose like the rest of us.
To grant him such a purpose I stand tall.
Wouldn’t transcendent powers have it thus?
Serial fraud is all he’s really stood for.
To be my punching bag is all he’s good for.

–Tom Riley