Guy in the Ferrous Face-Covering

by flammeusgladius

The Guy in the Ferrous Face-Covering


(for Tim Stoll)


Old classic tales must now be set aside,
Replaced by tales with greater relevance.
Thus, in response to up-to-date events,
I hammer out a tale transmogrified.
An unknown figure regularly spied:
On moonlit nights, he walks the battlements.
The mystery goes ever more immense.
Why? It’s because he has a lot to hide!
His face is covered with an iron shield—
A mask whose tendency is to inspire us
With puzzlement and dread that can’t be healed
Until we know the truth. Yes, we’re desirous
Of facts about the guy with face concealed!
Big let-down, though: he’s hiding from a virus.


–Tom Riley


The Man in the Iron Mask.jpg