Lost in Time

by flammeusgladius

Lost in Time


(in memoriam P.S.R.)


I sometimes watch old shows – and Quantum Leap
Is very frequently what fills my screen.
Some snobs may find the sci-fi premise cheap,
But I take joy in every single scene.
Scott Bakula is tough but never mean
As Sam, a science brain who has a heart.
Dean Stockwell helps our hero intervene
To save folks through the years. Sam plies the art
Of being someone else, and plays each part
With fervor once he figures out his mission.
He’s mystified, however, at the start.
His puzzlement’s a Quantum Leap tradition.
Mostly to me, though, it’s the thing to view
Because I used to watch it, Mom, with you.


–Tom Riley


Quantum Leap: The Complete Series (DVD)