Vast Vacancy

by flammeusgladius

The Vast Vacancy


That fat fraud Shea is at it once again.
What is he up to? Well, of course he’s lying.
He earns from sycophants a swift amen.
He finds the praise of morons gratifying.
Truly engage his brain? He isn’t trying.
It’s all progressive reflex, leftist twitch.
You might conclude that he were daily dying
To be, say, hag Pelosi’s strap-on bitch.
But you’d be wrong. When he adores that witch
Or sticks his busy tongue up Biden’s ass,
He isn’t scratching any inner itch.
Rather, it’s like his posturing at Mass.
He just thinks it’ll pay the bills to do it.
He’s vacuous inside – except for suet.


–Tom Riley