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Too Stupid to Be a Hypocrite?

Too Stupid to Be a Hypocrite?

Shea is stupid. Of this there’s no doubt.
Stupid things he’s determined to shout—
Or to tweet. Never ends!
When the Judgment impends,
Will the plea, “I’m a fool,” help him out?

–Tom Riley

Note on the Text

I’m not on Facebook or Twitter anymore, so I don’t see the little verbal twitches that constitute Mark Shea’s reason for existence. But readers of this blog send me screen shots when they’re particularly incensed by his attacks on reason and common human decency. Two recent ones made me briefly consider that Shea might be a hypocrite, destined for the Eighth Circle of Hell according to Dante. But then I reconsidered. Maybe Shea doesn’t have the brains to be hypocritical.

The last shall be first and the first shall be last – so here’s the second tweet sent to me by a real Catholic:

Shea here is attacking Canada’s trucker convoy – at the very moment when Justin Trudeau was unleashing a totalitarian putsch against brave Canadian citizens trying to stand up to ridiculous mask and vaccine mandates. These mandates give Shea more of a thrill than his hypothetical rectal vibrator. I’ll delve into the details a little later. The main point is that comparing Trudeau’s totalitarian actions to Nazi totalitarian actions is not okay according to Shea.

Here’s the first tweet – posted a little over two weeks before:

The point here is that the GOP may take advantage of Brainless Joe Biden’s dementia displays to win the midterm elections – and they shouldn’t… because they’re Nazis!

The hypocrisy is pretty clear, right? In the mind of Shea, it’s plain crazy to compare Trudeau’s totalitarianism to Nazi totalitarianism, and it disqualifies you from being taken seriously the way Fat Boy needs to be taken seriously. Don’t be silly, you Canadian truckers! But it’s A-okay to compare the GOP in this country to Nazis, or even to say that they are Nazis. Indeed, in other venues, Shea has called the Canadian truckers themselves Nazis. There are very few ideological opponents that he hasn’t called Nazis.
Hypocritical rhetoric, yes?

The thing is, though, I’m beginning to doubt that Fat Boy can even see the self-contradiction. The two propositions – “It’s wrong to call your ideological opponents Nazis” and “Shea’s ideological opponents are Nazis” – loiter arm and arm in his skull, and he sees no conflict at all.

He may actually be that stupid.

I do need to note here that I don’t think Trudeau is a Nazi. He’s more of a Commie. But really he’s just a leftist globalist intent on a new brand of pansy tyranny.

Shea, of course, doesn’t really know anything about Nazi Germany – or about history in general. He once maintained that the only evidence for Julius Caesar’s conquest of Gaul was Caesar’s own self-promoting book. But Shea does like to pretend.

Note the reference to self-pity – a recent obsession of Shea’s, and an obvious function of projection. Shea once whined that he was “trying to say yes to God” and “widely hated” on that account. Boo-hoo.

Note furthermore the reference to spreading COVID. Fat Boy apparently still thinks that the COVID vaccines prevent transmission, though it’s been admitted since July of last year that they don’t. I myself caught COVID on Christmas Eve from a relative who had been fully vaccinated and boosted. Almost everyone else in the room caught it, too. I won’t cry about it, Shea fashion, because it wasn’t at all a big deal. I worked out for at least a half-hour every day that I had the disease. And I remain unvaccinated. Pope Francis, go collect your thirty pieces of silver from Chairman Xi.

Fat Boy might fear a different experience with COVID. Though we’re both the same age, he is… well… grossly obese. That makes him especially vulnerable.

And you all have to get the vaccine that doesn’t work or he’ll hold his breath and turn blue!


Euclidean Conformity

Euclidean Conformity

The points are placed. You must fall into line.
Conformity is infinite today
And every day thereafter. Ain’t that fine?
The points are placed. You must fall into line
According to our own elite design.
There’s nothing non-Euclidean to say.
The points are placed. You must fall into line.
Conformity is infinite today.

–Tom Riley