Heroic Martyrs

by flammeusgladius

Heroic Martyrs

The Heroes of Snake Island did surrender—
But they’re heroic martyrs anyway.
No one returns the narrative to sender.
The Heroes of Snake Island did surrender—
But every one of them is a contender
For Soldier of the Century today.
The Heroes of Snake Island did surrender,
But they’re heroic martyrs anyway!

–Tom Riley

(Note on the text: If you want to know what a bowl of lies you are being served daily on the topic of the conflict in Ukraine, consider the Ghost of Kyiv and the Heroes of Snake Island. The Ukrainian soldiers stationed on Snake Island became heroes when they told the Russians to fuck off, defiantly refused to surrender, and were blasted into oblivion. Except, well, they never made it to oblivion. They were all captured and ultimately returned to Ukraine in a prisoner exchange. So no heroism, right? They did their duty. We’re glad they survived. But there was no heroic self-sacrifice in the face of Russian aggression. Right? Wrong!

Sites such as the Huffington Post still maintain that these Ukrainians who surrendered are veritable martyrs of Ukrainian patriotism!

Can book deals and movies be far behind? T.R.)