Mr. Parody Holds Off for Once

by flammeusgladius

Mr. Parody Holds Off for Once

(for Pegeen)

The spinster who eschewed all publication
Is now amongst the most renowned of all—
And maybe the most parodied. I call
That justice of a sort. Though imitation
Be insincere, it bears the implication
Of careful observation. To appall,
The parodist must never let wit fall
Into the ditch of drunken relaxation.
Oh, no! He has to watch the details close
And let the solemn target have her say.
If she is pithy, he can’t be verbose.
At any rate, I do not choose today
To target Emily with verses gross.
My sister thinks she’s more than A-okay.

Happy Birthday!


2 June 2022

(P.S. 70 is the new 54.)