¡No necesitamos a ningunos Democratas hediondos!

by flammeusgladius

¡No necesitamos a ningunos Democratas hediondos!

You are a breakfast taco now, señor.
So says the ugly, shriveled White House witch,
Joe Biden’s nursemaid, formerly his whore.
Before dementia settled hard, the bitch
Would jump into the pool without a stitch—
And Joe would, too, while Secret Service guys
And girls got sick. Now Joe can only twitch,
And soil himself, and read pre-scripted lies.
The thing is, caballero: if you’re wise,
You’ll take the hint, and ditch this fucking ship,
Ignore the empty and self-serving cries
Of Bidens as they take their final dip,
And vote Republican. Be free, though sad!
Republicans suck, too, but not so bad.

–Tom Riley