On the Degeneracy of Stephen Colbert

by flammeusgladius

On the Degeneracy of Stephen Colbert

Colbert? Of course he’s always been a twerp.
His Trump Derangement Syndrome was extreme.
He didn’t merely suck: he had to slurp.
How eagerly he joined the sissy team!
Wet was the way this sad cunt had to dream
When planning his Obama interview.
Spontaneously also he would cream
When Buttigieg, unsubtle, gave the cue.
One thing, though, that I thought he’d never do—
This baby-killing, underhanded queer—
Was urinate on Middle-earth lore too.
I thought his love for Tolkien was sincere.
I thought he had that virtue, clear and strong.
Today it’s obvious that I was wrong.

–Tom Riley