Love Poems of a Hatemonger

No One Knows the Pangs of Love like a Hatemonger….


Come on: admit it! All those syrupy sentiments you see on Valentine’s Day cards make you nauseous. You literally hate that stuff! You don’t even want to buy the stupid cards, but you go ahead and pick up a few because it’s expected.

Hey, it’s okay to hate! It doesn’t mean you’re incapable of love.

On the contrary, as this collection of poems demonstrates, love and hate are intertwined so tightly that no mother’s reproof or religious prohibition can pry them apart. This reality shouldn’t repel you. Nay, timid heart! You should embrace it the way Ares embraced Aphrodite. You can have your hate — and your love, too. You can have both of them baked into the same delicious chocolate cookies!

The author of this volume is a widely published poet of the formalist school. His work has appeared in venues ranging from “Blue Unicorn” to “Trinacria,” from “The Bible Today” to “Star*Line.” And many of the poems in the volume have already been printed in prestigious journals.

So sit back and enjoy intricate poems that celebrate the two shining sides of the emotional coin. Rediscover such star-crossed lovers as Jason and Medea, Rick and Ilsa, Dracula and Justina. And, whatever you do, don’t let any killjoy tell you that you can’t revel in the contradictions!

Don’t you just hate that…?


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