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European Vacation

European Vacation


(for Monica Tol)

Our leader went to Europe once again—
And to the country of your residence.
You European types are lucky when,
Despite the hostile rollout of events,
He deigns to haul his brain, so damn immense,
Across the pond – and rains his benefits
Down on your heads. We don’t grudge the expense
Of sending him to you to show his wits.
But we expect him always to score hits.
After all, he’s a rock star, isn’t he?
I will not pick at presidential nits—
But his force has declined perceptibly.
His speech? All he could do was stumble through.
Somebody clapped. I know it wasn’t you.

–Tom Riley


Markos Eucharistikos

Markos Eucharistikos



 (for Monica Tol)



The Wisest of the Emperors gave thanks

At the commencement of his self-directed

Notes.  On a firm foundation lay the planks

Of that impressive edifice, perfected

Not so much in the dots that it connected

As in the Heaven that it showed on high.

In his tent, as his body’s cells defected,

The Emperor revealed the brilliant sky.

Yet does his genius truly satisfy?

What he thanked was as vague as any cloud.

Equivocation?  No.  Still less a lie—

But who would shout that name of God aloud?

Those notes were glorious – yet somehow hollow.

The God Augustus thanked the God Apollo.



Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!




28 November 2013