Flammeus Gladius

Carmina et Verba pro Discipulis Meis

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Here in the West, our leaders, mostly queers,
Are urging all the Slavs in far Ukraine
To keep on fighting. Keep it up for years,
You guys. Accept uncertainty and pain—
And, if complaint’s insistent, then complain
That Russia isn’t nice to flaming gays!
To make peace with those orcs would be insane.
Oh, please maintain belligerent displays!
Through self-extermination, you’ll win praise
From those who have invested eagerly
In what was once your country, whom it pays
To pitch a murderous mentality.
Your future will of course be far from sunny—
But still you’ll launder further Biden money.

–Tom Riley

Bipartisan Consensus

Bipartisan Consensus





Oh, all the zealous neocons concur:

Obama, through his super NSA,

Keeps us all safe!  Are terrorists astir?

They are – and we’re the ones they mean to slay.

So spy on us, Obama, that you may

Protect us from those down-and-dirty guys!

Through such surveillance, you indeed survey

The world of threats we have to recognize.

In this, we all agree, you’re being wise.

In this, you merit our unstinting trust.

Objections, though they may seem strong, are lies

Designed to undermine an utter must—

A program that we all rely upon:

The one that saved the Boston Marathon!





–Tom Riley