De Profundis

De Profundis





(for Cate Harmon)






The birthday of sophisticated Cate?

My greetings I must polish smooth, not bright—

For crudity’s what Cate’s disposed to hate,

And Cate knows that my own restricted light

Does not reflect much sunshine.  Get it right,

I tell myself, and dark won’t much offend:

Depths, if profound, reveal a sense of height;

With beasts it is a man’s part to contend.

So, Cate, let me admit, as I descend,

That, when I feigned perfection, I was sure

You saw my flaws, of which I know no end,

And excused more than most folks could endure.

What darkness does, indulgence dares outweigh.

Thinking of you just brightens up my day.





Happy birthday!





24 November 2013