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Get the vaccine that doesn’t work, you fool!
You’ll feel a whole lot safer from our noise.
We’re fashioning a universal rule:
Get the vaccine that doesn’t work! You fool:
We’re forcing jabs on little kids in school!
Hear them cry out, the tiny girls and boys!
Get the vaccine that doesn’t work, you fool:
You’ll feel a whole lot safer – from our noise!

–Tom Riley

Unmasked Marvel


Unmasked Marvel



(for Ben Hatke)



With a word, he could throw off all the weight

That’s settled on his shoulders through the years—

And be the kind of body villains hate

And have the strength that malefaction fears.

Just think: the tortured oldster disappears

The moment that he manages Shazam!

He is charged with the cheering of the spheres.

The little boy within him thinks: Hot damn!

But he stays strong – and isn’t on the lam

From what his nature says he has to be.

I am, he says with Popeye, what I am!

Senescence doesn’t mean senility.

It is his heroism that has freed him.

He’ll only say the word when others need him.




–Tom Riley


(http://letflythecannons.blogspot.com/2013/04/shazam.html )





(for Ben Hatke)



The Batman doesn’t trust that little freak.

The Batman doesn’t much trust anyone.

But his distrust in this case is unique:

The brat has the capacity to stun

The Batman with his canny stunts.  Undone,

The cybernetic forces all around

Yield to this little loser’s work/tricks/fun:

Just when the Batman needs them down, they’re downed.

Well, let him stay!  He’ll soon cease to astound

The Batman, who acknowledges hard facts

And knows the smell of mystery.  No sound

Proceeds from Robin’s lips.  And, ah, his acts—

Tiny acts with effects of giant size—

Are still as enigmatic as his eyes!



–Tom Riley



(http://letflythecannons.blogspot.com/2012/11/boy-wonder.html )

Johnny and the Monster

Johnny and the Monster



(for Ben Hatke)



Even Supes seems to play at being hero—

So Johnny’s free to see this stuff as fun.

Last of your kind is pretty close to zero

In the delight department.  Anyone

Would seek some other option, try to run

Some other course – so Johnny’s now the Child

With Gnarly Powers.  He has drawn the sun

Closer: his daily climate’s almost mild.

But, when the unexpected gets him riled,

When criminals won’t play, as he plays, fair,

When affront on affront is rudely piled,

Why, then you’ll find a monster waiting there—

Which the perceptive Batman ought to see

As that which Johnny’s chosen not to be.



–Tom Riley


(http://letflythecannons.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-child-stranger.html )