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Wear a Mask

Wear a Mask

Hey, wear a mask: it shows you truly care!
This is the shit Scott Eric Alt is shitting
Nowadays. And in my view it is fitting
That leftist types in need of brain repair
Should find a means to signal virtue there.
By hiding out, by being wimps, by quitting,
By whacking off at home or simply knitting,
They’re heroes saving maidens bright and fair.
Reality says otherwise, however.
Their slack, uncritical obedience
Renders them neither brave nor strong nor clever
In the face of imperious events.
When will they overflow with virtue? Never!
They cannot even claim mere common sense.

–Tom Riley










They’ll punish you for excellence—

And, for transcendence, vote you dead.

They’ll spit on simple common sense.

They’ll punish you for excellence.

What mediocrity resents,

They will condemn.  Full speed ahead!

They’ll punish you for excellence—

And, for transcendence, vote you dead.








–Tom Riley







(for Ashley Huss)





Ashley in glasses: she looks so mature

That ancient Mr. Riley is a child

Beside her knowing presence.  Insecure,

He looks for flaws – but no reports are filed.

Her former verbal indiscretions, wild

And innocent, are not in evidence.

In sheer sophistication domiciled,

She seems a paragon of common sense.

She models forth a braininess, intense

And yet restrained, that nobody expected.

It looks like she has mastered all events.

It looks like all her talents are perfected.

She seems insightful and supremely schooled.

Rejoice, Miss Huss: at last you have me fooled!




–Tom Riley

True Philosopher

The True Philosopher



Whatever gets me out of doing things

Is what I’ll do, or else refrain from doing.

I seek the leisure of unwarlike kings,

Of knights who know of no quest worth pursuing.

I come unglued – and charge you with ungluing—

When urgency intrudes upon my ease.

Can’t you folks see that it’s yourselves you’re screwing?

Why do you make demands, prove hard to please?

I would get up and fall upon my knees

To beg for peace – if only this deep chair

Were not so comfy.  Common sense agrees

With my restraint.  Activity’s unfair!

The true philosopher will opt for rest.

If you want to get busy, be my guest.



–Tom Riley