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Viral Video of Verity

The Viral Video of Verity

“It’s all simple!” says General Ty.
“It was slavery. All else is a lie.
On obscene power trips,
Southrons itched to crap whips!”
Answers woke Dennis Prager: “Aye, aye!”

–Tom Riley

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(West Point warrior achieves lifetime goal of viral video.)

Tiresome 21

The Tiresome 21


Do 21 Republicans hate Trump?
Carl Bernstein seems to think that I should care.
For others’ view I ain’t that kind of chump.
Do 21 Republicans hate Trump
Because he won’t French-kiss progressive rump
The way they do? A trivial affair!
Do 21 Republicans hate Trump?
Carl Bernstein seems to think that I should care.


–Tom Riley


rubio in a black suit and blue tie speaking into a mic

Variety of Responses

A Variety of Responses


Some pissant at the National Review
Offers at last his lofty explanation
Of Donald Trump to those of humbler station.
Yes: that means me – and also, maybe, you.
What on earth can a MAGA moron do
But nod his head when such a dissertation
Is bodied forth in such a publication?
The options, we have long been told, are few.
Still, I can think of some. This whiskered bitch
Who lies prone to accept the fecal load
Of Democrats, whose lies obscenely itch
To suck till they expand and then explode,
Could be kicked till his slack limbs ceased to twitch
Or, both arms broken, drowned in a commode.


–Tom Riley


Brief Summary of the 2020 Presidential Election to Date

A Brief Summary of the 2020 Presidential Election to Date


Trump tweeted.
Biden cheated.

Coverage sucked.
Romney cucked.


–Tom Riley


Biden/Romney 2020: RINOs would be all in – GOPUSA

Basement Encounter with a Middle Finger

Basement Encounter with a Middle Finger

“Mommy! Joe’s feeling hot! Wants to fuck!”
Dr. Jill hears the doddering cuck—
But she knows that his tool
Is rag-limp as a rule.
So she offers her finger to suck.

–Tom Riley


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