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Ghost Town

Ghost Town

Napa’s a ghost town now, rich in despair.
We bicker over endless pettiness.
And why? Marissa Amador’s not there.

To like this place indeed I used to dare.
I look around today and it’s a mess.
Napa’s a ghost town! Now, rich in despair,

I shake my helpless fist in haunted air.
The vineyards? They impress me less and less.
And why? Marissa Amador’s not there.

She hauled up stakes and sought another lair.
She’s pitched her tent in Idaho. I guess
Napa’s a ghost town now, rich in despair

And far beyond the region of repair.
Weeds root in psychic gardens – to excess.
And why? Marissa Amador’s not there!

Ulysses had Minerva? I’m aware.
My lack of such a goddess I confess.
Napa’s a ghost town now, rich in despair.
And why? Marissa Amador’s not there.

Happy birthday!


30 September 2022

Serious Inquiry into the Truth of Scurrilous Accusations

A Serious Inquiry into the Truth of Scurrilous Accusations

“Shea is a chronic gay porn masturbator.”
I said it once – but, really, is it true?
Back then, I put such questions off till later—
As jeering satirists must often do.
Fat Boy, who never had the slightest clue,
Insulted Tulsi Gabbard, who’s a fox.
I stuck up for that goddess right on cue.
I figured Shea had merited hard knocks.
As Stoicism teaches, calmness rocks—
And now I’m calm. What say you, Mr. Shea?
Is nasty right-wing bigotry a box
That you escape by watching guys gone gay?
Is chronic self-abuse your chosen tonic?
“Depends on what you mean,” he says, “by chronic.”

–Tom Riley

(Once again, de rigueur, I am not here literally asserting that this particular vice should be added to Shea’s public list — just that its mention conveys metaphorically something about his essential character. No, the Self-Proclaimed Archetypal Hero didn’t really answer as in line 14, or give any answer at all. He seldom does — probably because he’s been told I want him to challenge me to a duel, so that I can choose lethal weapons. We share a common vacation spot — Lopez Island, Washington — so there is a convenient site for his fortuitous defeat in mortal combat. Ha! Shea doesn’t even want to fight a duel in the sonneteering realm! He’d get his oversized posterior booted hard on that island, too.)

Incident Not Reported to the Curator

An Incident Not Reported to the Curator

When the unearthed
figurine miraculously speaks, the pedant
corrects her grammar.

–Tom Riley

Not Very Nice

Not Very Nice

(for Mary Gundling)

Does Mrs. Gundling say I should be nice
To enemies of common decency?
That attitude, I’m sure, would be a vice.

I knock twerps down and kick them more than twice.
Perhaps those standing by might challenge me.
Does Mrs. Gundling say I should be nice?

Noch bleibe ich kaltblutig, veins like ice.
My iron nerves indeed cannot agree.
That attitude, I’m sure, would be a vice.

Like the God Julius, I’ve rolled the dice
And stepped beyond all vile uncertainty.
Does Mrs. Gundling say I should be nice

Instead? Warm, soft, and bloodless – like white rice?
Before the idols must I take a knee?
That attitude, I’m sure, would be a vice

For which I would be punished in a thrice.
Counsel instead those targeted to flee!
Does Mrs. Gundling say I should be nice?
That attitude, I’m sure, would be a vice.

–Tom Riley

Down Side

Down Side

If the goddess
restores your youth, remember: you’ll
be foolish again.

–Tom Riley

Unbounded Flame

Unbounded Flame


Vesta regarded Moloch as the Devil.
That is why Hannibal was doomed to die.
Her plaited locks what monster would dishevel?
Vesta regarded Moloch as the Devil.
Child sacrifice was never on the level.
Unbounded flame would always be a lie.
Vesta regarded Moloch as the Devil.
That is why Hannibal was doomed to die.


–Tom Riley


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Love Poems of a Hatemonger by [Tom Riley]





(for M.M.)

Chessmaster Anna Rudolf has a dream,
Maria. Yes, she longs to look like you,
Achieving beauty’s uttermost extreme
And making femininity anew.
To score this win, there’s nothing she won’t do.
A thousand times, she’d throw away her queen
As if she didn’t have a slender clue
Over the board when geniuses convene.
It’s not enough to be a chess machine.
She wants to join the costumed goddess crowd—
A crowd of one when you have made the scene.
She might as well be howling it aloud.
Will gods of good looks ever answer yes?
Not a chance – but she plays exquisite chess.

–Tom Riley


Anna Rudolf Accused of Cheating with an Engine Hidden in her Lip Balm! - YouTube

Shea Strikes Out Again

Shea Strikes Out Again

“That isn’t Pachamama – as you claim.
It is Our Lady of the Amazon!”
So says a practiced liar, Shea by name—
Who with the idol wants to get it on.
Minerva, maiden goddess, sneered at Shea
When he presumed to offer her his smile.
And Venus simply wished his ass away.
He missed her standards, clearly, by a mile.
But Pachamama? She’s a homely thing—
And maybe, therefore, ripe for Fat Boy’s wooing.
He’s king-sized – and can thus claim he’s a king.
Plus, he’s a screwball. “Makes me tops at screwing!”
But Pachamama, Shea, wants you to know
That, though she’s savage, she won’t sink so low.

–Tom Riley

Confessions of a Contrary Idolater

Confessions of a Contrary Idolater

Minerva I could fall upon both knees
To serve. And Venus? Oh, without a doubt!
Juno’s soft eyes could make me sing and shout.
Diana I would truly aim to please.
Yes: I can see the forest – and the trees.
The team of goddesses I rave about.
Commands of individuals I’d flout
Never, though moved by higher verities.
Thus toward idolatry, I must confess,
I’m much inclined. For goddess types I ache.
If they seek willing slaves, then I cry yes—
Although of course I know that’s a mistake
Certain to cost me rather more than less.
But Pachamama? Sheesh! Give me a break!

–Tom Riley