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In Caelo Regnat

In Caelo Regnat


What reigns in Heaven can’t be written down.
No text can bind that all-pervasive fire.
For what’s above some feel a fierce desire—
But composition, lad, makes you a clown
Wearing an idiotic parchment crown.
If you would hear the Gods’ transcendent choir,
From literary efforts please retire!
In alphabetic oceans cease to drown!
Cease to indulge your yen for definition:
What can be put in writing shouldn’t be
If actual enlightenment’s your mission.
Don’t dare encumber immortality!
Be wordless in your pertinent contrition!
Sign here, lad, if at long last you agree!


–Tom Riley

De Poeta Majore

De Poeta Majore



Et in his omnibus inter nos et vos chaos magnum firmatum est : ut hi qui volunt hinc transire ad vos non possint neque inde huc transmeare.


–Luke 16:26.



When Dante looks across the Great Abyss

And sees you, he will want to add you in

As one who’s merited the Devil’s piss

For sixty-six varieties of sin

He never quite imagined.  He will win

The Lord’s permission – and proceed with zest.

After all, up there, where the heavens spin,

Poets all have enough time to invest.

Completion is up there no troubling quest:

It is a solemn duty and a joy.

And from fierce truth he need give you no rest.

In terza rima, you will suffer, boy!

While Dante rhymes ahead, I’ll look at you

And maybe write a limerick or two.



–Tom Riley