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Carmina et Verba pro Discipulis Meis

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Poor Judgment

Poor Judgment



In stunning shows of outward piety,

How we excel!  There ain’t no competition!

The angels who are watching us agree

That we fulfill some sort of holy mission.

Imperfect at its heart is our contrition

As every man of us plays daily saint—

But apprehension’s simply superstition.

God isn’t seeing through us.  No, he ain’t!

Our grinning souls are coated with a paint

Proof against God’s transcendent x-ray vision.

If he suspects there’s cause for a complaint,

He’ll find no facts to merit a decision

Against us.  Prosecutor: overruled!

We have the judge of earthly judges fooled.



–Tom Riley

Examination of Conscience

Examination of Conscience



He looks inside and always sees the best.

What noble motivations he’s displayed

For all his choices, passing every test

That he has set himself, making the grade

While others have been selfish and afraid,

Full of wrath, sloth, and all those other ills!

How often, in his heart of hearts, he’s prayed

That God too wills what he, our hero, wills!

How often, with his principles and skills,

He has impressed the angels gliding by!

He can see clearly now that he fulfills

Some prophecy: he’s just that kind of guy.

Of sinners he’s the perfect antonym.

Oh, what a conscience God hath granted him!



–Tom Riley