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On the Learned Assessment of Blame

On the Learned Assessment of Blame

Biden went in his pants. Was it pee?
Maybe so – but most noses agree
That the shit was far worse.
Dr. Jill belched a curse:
“This is all Putin’s fault, seems to me!”

–Tom Riley

Sing a New Song unto the Fraud

Sing a New Song unto the Fraud

“I’m the first of first ladies, you see—
And I need a new song, just for me.
As the star of my show,
I exceed Jackie O!”
So says Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D.

–Tom Riley

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Dr. Jill’s Excellent Vacation

Dr. Jill’s Excellent Vacation


In his basement, the Creepster will hide
For the whole campaign. Why step outside?
Handlers bring him, down there,
Tons of sniffable hair.
There is even a sex doll to ride.


–Tom Riley


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Basement Encounter with a Middle Finger

Basement Encounter with a Middle Finger

“Mommy! Joe’s feeling hot! Wants to fuck!”
Dr. Jill hears the doddering cuck—
But she knows that his tool
Is rag-limp as a rule.
So she offers her finger to suck.

–Tom Riley


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