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Strong Leadership

Strong Leadership


Vote Biden if you want strong leadership!
Vote Biden – and be ruled by Chairman Xi!
Submit to leadership of CCP!
Those guys are strong and don’t shoot from the hip!
Once they’re in charge, they won’t take any lip.
People in Hong Kong got a chance to see
Xi’s power, firmness, and sagacity.
Vote for Xi here and he will let her rip!
Or, well, vote Biden! That is what we meant.
Biden is strong man, too. Today are few
As strong as Joe, as clever, as intent
On serving greater good. Take Chicom cue
And make Election Day a Joe event!
He’ll do great things – for Xi will tell him to!


–Tom Riley


Xi, Biden hold talks on ties| Top News|chinadaily.com.cn

In the Eyes of the World

In the Eyes of the World






“In the eyes of the world, we’ll appear

To be losers and jerks: so we fear!

     When our secrets are out,

     There will then be no doubt….”

From my own place, I answered:  “Hear!  Hear!”






–Tom Riley

Speaking Out

Speaking Out






Now our leaders take history’s cue

And speak out – as we knew they would do.

     Well, they had to, I guess.

     But, alas, they express

Such a tiny collective IQ!






–Tom Riley

Little Leader

Little Leader


The little leader’s sorry for your sins.

He has been authorized to list them all.

When he screwed up, you offered hurtful grins.

When he fell short, you seemed, well, almost tall.

When he was mumbling in the men’s room stall,

You took notes – or he tells himself you did.

It does no good to say you don’t recall.

In the end, he’ll expose the guilt you hid.

The tough position he inherited

Is getting tougher, as you know, each day.

Of its demands he’s longing to be rid—

But only if its perks are here to stay.

What in the nasty world?  Are you still here?

He’s sorry – and his sorrow is sincere.



–Tom Riley